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Want to become a Bartender?

Are you fond of mixing beverages, alcoholic or not? Some individuals are really smitten by this especially if the people they are serving their concoction enjoys it. It all starts with just mixing your own drinks and then you start hosting your own parties and get together to let your friends taste your creations. Passion […]

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Characteristics of a Professional Bartender – A Guide

If you are thinking that being a bartender is a simple job then you can start thinking otherwise. This is not simply a job that requires mixing drinks that are pleasant to the taste bud of the customers. Bartenders need to be a lot of things in a lot of ways in order to be […]

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Classic Cocktails – Intro

Celebrating or just wanting to have a relaxing and enjoyable delicious drink, cocktails will never be something that will go out of style. Manhattan, Martini which is 007’s drink of choice, Vesper, etc. Each one holds a special taste only skilled bartenders and mixers can make. When you say cocktail, it is a mixture of […]

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