How to Construct Your Own Cocktails At Home

by on 03/03/18 at 10:21 am

If you are a fun of cocktails, you definitely want to know how to construct your own cocktails at home. Generally, making your own cocktail should not be overwhelming. And, you don’t have to turn your home into a mixology temple. What’s more, no graduate degree is required to make cocktails at home. You simply need a guide to help you make your own cocktails in the comfort of your own kitchen space.

Know the Purpose: The first and most important step in making your own cocktail is to understand the purpose of every ingredient. Bear in mind that a cocktail is a mixture of different ingredients and each component serves a purpose. This is the secret that enables pros to prepare perfect cocktails. Therefore, before you start making your own cocktails, break down their recipes. Find out how each ingredient works to ensure that the final mix serves its purpose.

Substitute Ingredients: The easiest way to learn to make cocktails at home is making variants of different cocktails. Essentially, substitute ingredients in different cocktails to find out how they work. This is very important because experimenting will enable you to identify the best combination. If you swap an ingredient that has not been used elsewhere and it works, you will have founded a new cocktail.

Get Inspired: Combining and testing different ingredients can be tiresome. As such, get inspiration. Professional mixologists get inspiration from customers that demand new cocktails. Therefore, look for something that will inspire you to keep trying out new ingredients.

For instance, you can read recipes of different cocktails and try them out at home. Don’t be surprised if you come up with something better than the mixologists at your local joint.

Basically, making your own cocktails at home is more of a balancing act. That’s because you will find information about different cocktails online. Thus, all you need are ingredients and the ability to mix them in right amounts.